A Bold, Dramatic Portrait Shoot in Corktown

January 26, 2021

After a year of crazy ups and downs, smaller micro-weddings and a massive business pivot, I really looked forward to the opportunity to create something that was unique and flex my creative muscles without guidelines. Maureen Im and I decided to put together a creative shoot at HAVNLOFT featuring one of my oldest and dearest friends, Trisha Lanns. She has not only been a pillar in my life for the past 22 years, but also a confidante, a cheerleader and a huge supporter for Rikki Marcone Floral & Event Design.  

For this, we used colours that were outside of the traditional wedding palettes that we're commonly used to. The colours were bold, dramatic and sexy. We also loved how they complimented the beautiful terracotta backdrop at HAVNLOFT. One of the goals of this shoot was to show how colours, when curated correctly to match the season and setting, don't have to be so scary!

For this bouquet, we used an exquisite array of roses including one of our favourites, the Nena rose. We loved the juxtaposition of the large rose blooms with the dried elements in the background.

My favourite part of this shoot was the flower crown made of dried flowers. It showed off my bestie as the Queen that she is! This crown had elements of straw flower, yarrow, stipa, bunny tails, and beautiful sago palm. I wanted to create an artistic crown to show that flowers can also be worn and make a fashion statement. We loved the dramatic touch against the soft feminine touches.

If you haven't heard of HAVNLOFT, let me introduce you. HAVNLOFT is the sweetest loft photo studio nestled in corktown. Large windows, white brick walls and original wood flooring. Need I say more? Also, Emily, the host of the space is an incredibly enthusiastic ball of energy that made our experience lovely, from helping us bring in our props, serving us delicious tea and cracking jokes with us. We couldn't have had a better experience and highly recommend it for your next intimate photo shoot.


Floral Design and Creative Direction - Rikki Marcone Floral & Event Design  / Makeup Artist - Judy Lim / Photography - Maureen Im Photography / Model - Trisha Lanns

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